Academy Questions: 

Q: Is it possible for my principal to visit the Academy this year to see all that is going on at the Arts Academy?

A: See the Visitor's Day link for more information.

Q: Can I sign up to join the Tennessee Arts Academy Alumni Association?

A: Yes! See the Alumni Association Information link for more information.

Q: How do I know what group I am in?

A: You will find out at your orientation session on Sunday.

Q: How do I get credit hours?

A: See the TAA Credit Hours Overview.

Q: Where can I find the Combined Art Exhibition tape that is required to watch in order to receive full credit for the Academy week?
A: Go to the pull down menus at the top of the Homepage and pull down Art Exhibits. You will find a link there titled Combined TAA Art Exhibits. You can also watch each art exhibition tape individually from that same pull down menu.

Q: How do I get my extra hours (in order to reach 36 hours) by only attending during the Academy Week?
A: During the Academy week, if you attend four Interludes each day (rather than just the one that is required), you will almost have enough hours to reach your required 36 hours in order to receive the TAA Certificate of Completion. On your own time, you can also watch archived musings and performance selections. These can be found in the Post Academy pull down menu. Doing any combination of those two activities during the Academy week will earn you the needed additional hours. The only thing you will then need to do during the Post Academy week is to attend the Core Class Wrap-up sessions on the morning of July 23rd.

Q: Will I get credit for Yoga or for attending the Vendor Fair?

A: Yoga and Vendor Fair are optional activities. They do NOT earn professional development credit hours; however, Yoga earns you a healthier mind and body and the Vendor Fair provides you with knowledge of resources available to you in your community.

Q: Where is the attendance box for the Muser's and Performances?

A: Attendance for Musings and Performances is taken automatically when you login to the Zoom webinar.

Technical Questions:

Q: What is the direct link to the 2021 Virtual TAA Site?

A: www.taa2021.com

Q: Where can I get step by step instructions for the virtual site?

A: Click here for the participant guide.

Q: Can I watch the training video again? 
A: Click here for the 2021 training video.

Q: Will zoom sessions be recorded?

A: No, the zoom sessions will not be recorded.

Q: Will zoom sessions be available after the Academy?

A: To see what is available after the Academy check out the pull down menu titled Post Academy.

Q: What if I am zooming with colleagues?

A: If you will be zooming with colleagues during the Academy please be sure each participant logs into their own account on the Tennessee Arts Academy website and clicks the attendance box. We need a record of who attended each session.

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